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Support of our products

Blue Rum Consulting Limited provides services to support our Intellectual Property (IP) products. Our IP products are algorithm studies and hardware (VHDL and Verilog) designs for selected signal processing functions in the wireless field, as described on our products page. These products can be used stand-alone without support as they are provided with complete and coherent documentation, however it is comforting to known that support can be provided where necessary at our consulting fee rate. This could be as simple as a few hours of support, perhaps pre-arranged with the product purchase or, subject to availability, several weeks of on-site support anywhere in the world.

ASIC Design contract work

We may be available for ASIC design work at our contracting rate. Generally the work will be within commuting distance of Cambridge, UK. Of course we can also do self-contained project work from our own office, in which case we would usually quote a fixed price after a period of project scoping. It may be useful to review our experience before contacting us.