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High performance LDPC encoders/decoders for
wired and wireless applications in the 1Gbps region





802.11n/ac LDPC Encoder RTL



802.11n/ac LDPC Decoder RTL


5G/WiFi LDPC Encoder RTL


5G/WiFi LDPC Decoder RTL

Low Density Parity Check Codes have become the leading Forward Error Correction Technology for new high data rate communication technologies. One of the first applications was for the satellite TV standard DVB-S2. Later applications include WiMax (802.16e) and WiFi (802.11n and 802.11ac). Outside the wireless arena, applications include hard disk drives.

Our LDPC design for applications in the 1Gbps region is a layered decoder for Quasi-Cyclical (QC) codes. When configured to support the 802.11ac code, it supports data-rates of up to 1.7Gbps using a 480MHz clock.

This product already has a number of customers, ranging from a top 10 semiconductor company to a specialist WiFi chip maker and and a government research organisation. For WiFi, it is probably the most established LDPC IP and with several SOC integrations under our belt, we are well placed to support its integration into your chip.

Next Steps

We have low overheads and you can generally reduce your costs by buying in our LDPC Encoder and Decoder IP for FPGA and ASIC. In addition you can reduce project timescales as the IP is already available. Support for 802.11n, 802.11ac and 802.11ad is currently available and we are happy to consider other standards. If you have an interest in a product please review the datasheet and send an email to enquiries to ask for a quotation. Once you receive a quotation you can cite the quotation in a purchase order. The quotation will list out licensing terms and you confirm acceptance of these via your purchase order. Once the purchase order is received you can download it from our ftp server.

For RTL products we offer a tiered contract that agrees prices for development, single-use and multi-use up front while allowing you to start with just a low-cost development licence.

The IP is provided with 12 months support and maintenance. The support is limited to problem resolution and not, for example assistance with your integration, however additional support can be provided at our consultancy rate. Please see services for further information.