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Mike Rumsey

Blue Rum Consulting Limited (2009 - present)

  • Company Director. Development and support of LDPC encoder and decoder IP as described in products.

Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) Ltd, Cambridge (2005 - 2009)

  • Roles included Consultant, Group Leader and Hardware Programme Manager.
  • Project leader for the development of the modem within a cellular (GSM/3G/HSPA) chip
    • responsible for the modem architecture, project management and team leadership.
    • personal development of timing controller and HSUPA downlink receiver in VHDL.
    • coordinated production test methodology and verification strategy.
  • Programme manager for a GPS/Bluetooth/FM chip.

TTPCom Ltd, Royston (1996 - 2005)

  • Roles included digital designer, Client Manager for a key customer and Group Leader.
  • Joint design of a GSM chip with Analog Devices (AD20MS430)
    • designed the timing and control unit and SIM Card interface.
    • system design for the additional support of the ICO satellite standard, focussed on the radio interface.
    • general contribution to the design flow, e.g. low power clocking methodology and Synopsys synthesis scripts.
  • 3G modem development
    • system design for the front-end from RF baseband through to Rake Receiver output.
    • overall project manager for the digital hardware.
    • personal implementation of much of the Rake Receiver block using VHDL.
  • Digital Design Group Leader
    • line manager to a team of 6 engineers, building on the previous 3G modem project team.
    • responsible for the continued development of GSM and 3G digital design IP.
    • training course development (on integration of the IP into a customer's design).
    • sales support, training and post-sales support for multiple clients
      (semiconductor companies licensing the IP).

Texas Instruments, Freising, Germany (1994 - 1996)

  • Completed the digital development for a first-generation (AMPS/TACS) mixed-signal cellular chip.
  • Digital implementation of a baseband converter chip for a client based in Finland.
  • Design flow development from design entry through to standard cell layout.

Texas Instruments, Bedford, UK (1984 - 1994)

  • General ASIC CAD software development and support.
  • Developed an "Analog Modelling Package", which added behavioural models to the in-house simulator as well as Mentor Quicksim. 1 patent and several papers.
  • Led a project team supporting and developing CAD frameworks (design management environments).

Plessey Miliary Communications, Havant, UK (1983 - 1984)

  • Gate-level design and implementation of two gate-arrays for frequency hopping radios.