(Ch Arnscroft Di Nah May)


Anja is a Norwegian Buhund who lives in Cambridgeshire, UK. with Mike, Lillian and our other buhund Darcy.

Anja comes from Arnscroft, a leading kennel in the UK. Her sire was Casper (Visions Dino), an extremely successful show champion (several times Best-Of-Breed at Crufts). Anja is a UK champion with 5 CCs.

Group 1st

Puppy Group 1. Isle of Ely Canine Society Open Show.

CC #1

Best bitch. Birmingham Dog Show Society Championship Show.

CC #2

Best bitch. Richmond Dog Show Society Championship Show.

CC #3

Best bitch. Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show 2017.

CC #4

Best bitch and Reserve Best in Show. Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK Championship Show 2017.

Reserve CCs

4 at various UK championship shows

hip score: 6/6 (dec 2014)
eye test: passed (feb 2017)

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Getting a Buhund Puppy

Do you want a buhund?

Deciding the breed of dog you want is the first step and presumably you have already made that step, but let's double check.

The Norwegian Buhund is energetic. They need to be walked each day and ideally allowed to run off-lead occasionally as this is good for them both physically and mentally. Dogs will not always come when called if there is something else more interesting. Anja's is allowed off lead on country paths that we are familiar with and where there are relatively low risks of encountering cars or old ladies that don't want to be kissed by a buhund.

Buhund means "Homestead dog". They can be used for herding (Anja's dad does a bit of this in Scotland) and it also means they have a guarding instinct. Being small/medium sized dogs they haven't been bred to be aggressive but boy can they raise the alarm! Anja certainly likes the sound of her own voice. We now know that we could have curbed this better when she was young and can give pointers to new owners, but you need an environment where dogs are tolerated.

Buhunds are mentally active. They love interacting with people and other dogs, or chasing a ball. Going for a walk once or twice a day is fine, but the same old track can be boring so the occasional trip to somewhere new is much more fun. Anja loves exploring the gardens and ruins of English Heritage sites, but that might just be a personal thing. A buhund should not just be locked in the house while owners go to school and work. They need much more attention. An occasional home-alone day is OK - but not five days a week. Kennels are not nice for any dog but there are other services that can be used. For example in our area, when we both have to go out to work Rambling Paws come and collect Anja for the day and allow her to play with a select handful of other dogs. They then drop her back at the end of the day ... it's just like play school but without the school-run driving.

Buhund's are double coated. This gives a gorgeous fluffy effect, but the hairs themselves are quite short so tangling is not a problem. They shed once or twice a year.

Regarding Children, as far as we know buhunds fit into a young family fine. Anja hasn't been brought up around them so she finds them very interesting and when she was younger she sometimes got a bit boistrous with the kisses.

If you like holidays abroad you would generally have to leave the dog behind. If you plan to use kennels, introduce the concept to the dog while it is still a puppy.Likewise, if you plan to leave the dog with friends or relatives then introduce the friends and family to the concept early.

Meeting the breeder

Normally you would go and meet the puppies mother.You will see the quality of the dog and get more of a feel for what life would be like with one. It is equally important, however, for the breeder to ensure that you can offer the puppy a good home.


When the puppies are about four weeks old you will have an opportunity to select your favourite.


At 8 weeks old you will collect the puppy. At that time it will already be kennel club registered and micro-chipped. At this point you will pay the fee and a change of owners form is completed, which you will then send off to the Kennel Club. Different processes apply to overseas buyers.


Within a few days of getting the puppy home, take it to your chosen vet for vaccination, general check-up and to discuss options for regular worming and flea treaments.


If you find you cannot cope with the puppy, or there is some defect, then you can return it before it reaches, say 11 weeks of age and get a full refund of your payment. After that point there is no refund but a responsible breeded will take the puppy back and arrange re-homing.

Your puppy will grow fast and learn fast. Here is Anja at various stages of development:


Anja at 4 weeks.jpeg

Anja at 7 weeks.jpeg

Anja at 8 weeks.jpeg

Anja at 11 weeks.jpeg

Anja at 14 weeks.jpeg

Anja at 4 months.jpeg

Anja at 6 months.jpeg

Anja at 4 weeks

Anja at 7 weeks

Anja at 8 weeks

Anja at 11 weeks

Anja at 14 weeks

Anja at 4 months

Anja at 6 months

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